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15 Feb

3 Mistakes People Make When Getting Pulled Over for a DUI

Posted by Amy Morell on Feb 15, 2013


During a DUI pullover, it is imperative that drivers follow a very specific set of behavioral rules, and do not verbally or physically confront the police officer. To avoid a potential arrest and conviction following a DUI pullover, be sure that you do not:

1. Pull Over Unsafely

Being pulled over is hardly a calming experience and drivers in this situation often become nervous and clumsy. It is critical, however, that drivers suspected of a DUI adhere to the rules of the road and do not swerve or pull off to an unsafe location. This will give the police officer further proof that your ability to drive is impaired, and his observations will be used against you in court.

2. Behave Belligerently

Though you may be angry and frightened during a DUI pullover, do not let the police officer perceive your frustration. Instead, remain calm, and be as respectful as possible. Belligerence will only be used against you in court, and may even earn you further charges, such as resisting arrest.

3. Volunteer Incriminating Information

When pulled over for a suspected crime, all individuals have the right to remain silent. Unfortunately, they don't always exercise it, and reveal information that can be used as evidence. Drivers need only provide their license, insurance and proof of registration when pulled over for a DUI—any other questions do not have to be answered.  However, if the Officer arrests you, you must submit to a chemical blood or breath test at the request of the Peace Officer.

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