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15 Feb

Common Signs of DUI that Police Look For

Posted by Amy Morell on Feb 15, 2013


Police, especially at night, keep an eye out for suspicious driving behavior. Here are a few “cues” that police look for when they observe drivers on the road:

Failure to Stay in Your Lane

Weaving within the lane, and especially outside of the lane, is sure to draw attention. Turning with a very wide radius is another sign that police look for, as turns may be harder to negotiate when the driver is impaired by alcohol. If you're driving with your tires touching a center or edge lane marker, then you may be pulled over.

Unusual or Erratic Changes in Speed or Signals

Accelerating, braking rapidly or erratically, or driving more than 10 mph below the posted speed limit is also suspicious. Swerving, stopping or slowing without a clear reason is also a warning sign for police. Sometimes, intoxicated drivers will forget that they have their turn signals on, or will forget to turn on their headlights.

After Being Pulled Over

Remember that police are also watching you closely after they pull you over. They will make note of how you pull the car over, and they may check to see if you put your car in park. They will closely examine your appearance: If you have red eyes, speak with slurred speech, or if there is a smell of alcohol or marijuana in the car or on your breath, they will probably test you for intoxication.

Police often make mistakes in their daily work and conduct. A skilled DUI lawyer can sometimes find faults in the way a case was handled, forcing the case to be thrown out or reduced.

You should always employ an experienced DUI attorney to help you with your case. Only a criminal lawyer who has a history of working with DUI cases will know how to handle these cases properly.

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