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15 Mar

Stay Smart: What to Do When You Are Pulled Over for a DUI

Posted by Amy Morell on Mar 15, 2013


Whether you're over the legal limit or not, seeing police lights in your rear view mirror is one of the more unsettling experiences we can go through as drivers. When you are over the legal limit, however, your freedom often depends on what happens in between the time the police lights flip on and when they cite you. So what shouldn't you do if you get pulled over?

Pull Over Safely

While the lights do mean for you to pull the car over, doing so right away may not be the best idea. Look for a safe place to pull over, and do it carefully. You can bet the officer is putting together mental notes for the police report, and pulling over in an unsafe place is a good way to give your DUI attorney a headache.

Be Respectful. But, Do Not Answer Incriminating Questions

One of the little things in life that police officers sometimes take joy from is arresting, prosecuting, and convicting jerks. Acting polite may not get you off free, but it won't do any harm to your situation.

Do not Submit to a Field Sobriety Test or an IN-FIELD Breathalyzer (That is not Title 17 approved)

Field sobriety tests are perhaps the single most effective tool at a police officer's disposal when it comes to conviction for DUI; some are often difficult to pass while stone sober. Similarly, handheld or roadside breathalyzer units are incredibly unreliable. You have the right to refuse these tests.

Request to take a BREATH (Title 17 approved device) or BLOOD Test at the Station

You do not have the right to refuse a chemical test. Doing so, may result in a 1 year or more suspension of your privilege to drive.

While there have been entire volumes written and videos made about what not to do when you get pulled over for DUI, these are the basics. If you need more information, or an experienced DUI attorney, give us a call at (877) 366-9440.

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