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26 Feb

Top 5 Things to Discuss with your DUI Lawyer

Posted by Amy Morell on Feb 26, 2013


Many people facing a first offense DUI have never faced any criminal charges, and don't know much about consulting an attorney. Knowing what to ask your DUI lawyer helps you handle your case and reduce your stress during a hectic time.

You should feel comfortable speaking with your attorney to ensure effective communication throughout the process. Not knowing what to say can prevent you and your lawyer from building the appropriate relationship needed to get through your case. Below are 5 things to keep in mind when selecting and meeting with your DUI Attorney.

The specific details of your case:

DUI cases are all unique, and certain circumstances may affect your case. For instance, if your DUI resulted in a collision, you may face additional charges.

The courtroom:

Ask your lawyer questions about what the courtroom will be like, and ask him or her to help you prepare for your trial. Familiarizing yourself with the courtroom procedure will make the experience easier.

Your lawyer's credentials:

Seek a lawyer who is experienced and qualified. Choose a DUI attorney who primarily handles drunk driving offenses.

The outcome:

No lawyer is able to guarantee the outcome of a case, so it is important to ask your DUI lawyer for an opinion on your chances of winning your case. A good lawyer will not authoritatively claim that you will be found guilty or innocent, but will give you an idea of the strength of your case and the best and worst possible outcomes.

The cost:

It is important to consider what you can afford when hiring a lawyer. You should discuss your lawyer's fees thoroughly, and find the best attorney you can afford.

Meeting with a DUI Attorney is the first step in handling your case. At the law offices of Amy Morell, we have over 15 years of experience in DUI defense, and can guide you through every step in your case. Visit our website or callĀ  (877) 366-9440

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