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15 Feb

What Happens When You Are Arrested for a DUI?

Posted by Amy Morell on Feb 15, 2013


A DUI charge is much more serious charge than a ticket, and is classified as a misdemeanor. That means handcuffs. And the police officer isn't going to let you just drive home. Let's take a look at what happens during and following a DUI arrest.

The DUI Investigation.

Generally, you are under no obligation to perform any physical tests or breath tests out in the field (PAS - Preliminary Alcohol Screening device). One of the exceptions would be if you are on probation.

What Exactly Happens During the Arrest?

The police will often search your car to make sure you are not carrying any dangerous, illegal, or illicit substances. You'll be put in handcuffs. You'll be escorted to the police car, where you'll be put in vehicle and driven to the police station.

What About My Car?

In California, the officer who arrests you for driving under the influence will take your license and issue you a temporary license. Your car may be towed and may be impounded for a period of time. The immediate penalties for DUIs depend on how many previous convictions suffered. You should contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible following a DUI arrest.

DUI charges are serious, but they may often be reduced with the right legal counsel. It's very important to choose a criminal lawyer who has extensive experience in drunk driving cases. Some cases may be thrown out entirely or reduced to infractions, which are not criminal convictions.

Don't let a DUI charge ruin your life.

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